Last Refuge Music Contest!

By July 21, 2016Last Refuge

Fancy yourself a musician? Know someone who does?

Your music could be featured in our game! For one month starting now, we are holding a music contest. We will be taking music submissions; from which we’ll select 10 tracks to put into the game. These tracks will be unlockable, and can be listened to at the in-game tavern. It can be any genre, but no longer than 5 minutes, and try to avoid using vocals.

Submissions can be sent as a message to the Last Refuge Facebook page as either a link to your preferred music hosting site, or as a download. We’d prefer to have submissions all in one place, but if you really don’t want to use Facebook, you can send your submission via email to The format for your submission is as follows:

[SUBJECT] Music Contest

Artist/Band name — Track title: [LINK]


If you want, you can submit more than one track; however, we will only choose one per artist. Contest ends August 20. We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got!