Our First Game

By August 11, 2014Last Refuge

We’re happy to announce our debut title, The Last Refuge! 




The game is an action RPG that we’re getting ready to put onto Steam Greenlight. We have been working on this title for about eight and a half months, focusing on the main game systems and fundamental game play mechanics. Being an action RPG, the battle system and controls are two of the most important parts in making this a fun game. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting from a developer’s perspective on creating Last Refuge in Unity! (Did I mention we’re using Unity?)


Stay tuned!

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  • Dozie Enwerem says:

    Looks really cool, how long have you guys been working on it? And most importantly i’m a 3d artist(use maya) and im graduating from computer science from the university of Manitoba this December, I use unity also, just wondering if you guys would need someone with my expertise in your company. Game looks really good though

    • Kenton Nickel says:

      Thanks for your kind words! Unfortunately, we can’t afford to take on any more people at this time, but we do appreciate your interest in our company.